What is the AFAMA?

The Azores Islands are situated in the middle of Atlantic Ocean on the same latitude as both Lisbon and Washington. The archipelago is composed of nine islands, running in a chain over 360 nautical miles.
This is a gentle paradise of green fields bordered with hydrangeas, hillsides covered in azaleas, forested slopes rising above a colourful patchwork of fields, blue lagoons nestling in high volcanic craters.
Washed by the ever-changing Atlantic Ocean, there’s freshness here, a sense of innocence and peace which enchants the traveller attracted by the unspoilt charm of these enchanting islands, and prompts escapist dreams when he return to 'civilization'.

But like in any “paradise” problems exist, one of them concerning abandoned animals, cats and dogs that are abused and abandoned, by the persons who they trusted to be their best friends.
In some islands this situation is more serious than in others, on Faial its quite serious.

The AFAMA (Animal friends association of Faial island) was funded in 1999, as a non-profit, no kill animal shelter for all breeds of dogs and cats.
Located in the city of Horta, the association manages at this moment two dog shelters, an older one and a better, newer still unfinished one , providing shelter to more than 90 abandoned adult dogs.
In our facilities they have a nice shelter, they get attention and are walked by our volunteers, but as you can imagine, feeding all this animals and giving them veterinary cares has a lot of costs, taking in consideration that we survive only from our associates fees and donations we are finding it harder and harder to provide everything for all this animals.

So if you want to improve the life of an Azorean dog and make a friend in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, sponsor one of our animals and you will receive every month pictures and news of your new friend, and if you ever visit the Azores you can visit him in the shelter.
For that all you have to do is visit our gallery slideshow on the front page, choose one of our dogs email us and send him 10€ per month or 120€ per year,  to ensure is feeding expenses.

You can sponsor alone or with your friends or family, sharing the expenses and also the pleasure of helping an islander.